04 enero, 2006

Seminarios Microsoft Interesantes

TechNet Webcast: Active Directory Fundamentals (Level 200)

Do you want to improve your understanding of the basic concepts of Microsoft Active Directory? This webcast explains the logical concepts as they relate to domains, trees, and forests. We also look at the physical concepts of domain controllers and sites. Gain a thorough understanding of the relationship between Active Directory and the Domain Name System (DNS), and recognize how that relationship affects your work. We also examine the operation functions such as intersite and intrasite replica...

TechNet Webcast: Tools and Techniques for Managing a Desktop Deployment (Level 300)

Deploying desktops in a business environment is much like managing a production line. Several different elements—for example, operating system images, application packages, and user state migrators—are constructed as discrete components and then brought together on the production line to make a finished product. This analogy encourages a project management approach to deployment, particularly when you view deployment readiness as a supply chain. Join us as we examine the various components and ...

TechNet Webcast: Identity and Access Management (Part 1 of 2): Technical Overview (Level 200)

This two-part series describes how you can use identity management solutions to create and manage user account information efficiently and securely across multiple systems in an enterprise. This first webcast shows how identity information may be shared and synchronized even when distributed across several different locations. We show how access management solutions can help you to ensure that user accounts are granted the appropriate access to resources across different systems in an enterpr...

TechNet Webcast: Identity and Access Management (Part 2 of 2): Details of Intranet and Extranet Access Management (Level 200)

This two-part series describes how you can use identity management solutions to create and manage user account information efficiently and securely across multiple systems in an enterprise. Having described the principles and concepts of access management in the first webcast, this second webcast explains in more detail how to apply these principles and methods specifically to your organization's intranet, and also how to apply them to an external network.Presenter: Chris Avis, TechNet Presen...

Enterprise Agreement Welcome Briefing Webcast

This invaluable, interactive one-hour session is designed to ensure that new Enterprise Agreement customers and administrators know how to maximize the value of their investment with Microsoft. What Will Be Addressed? Enterprise Commitment True-up Process Payment Terms Adding Additional Products after Signing Roles and Responsibilities of the Channel Partner (Software Advisor) Introduction to Microsoft Volume Licensing Services (MVLS) Overview of New Software Assurance Benefits En...

TechNet Webcast: Windows Vista Deployment Tools and Technologies (Level 200)

The Microsoft Windows Vista operating system introduces significant innovations for easing deployments. This webcast provides an overview of the imaging and remote deployment technologies built into Windows Vista, along with a look at deployment-specific tools. Join us to get the background you need before you participate in more in-depth training and hands-on labs.Presenter: Larry Engel, Director of Program Management, Microsoft CorporationQuestions? Feedback? Use Webcast Contact Us...

TechNet Webcast: How Microsoft Information Security Protects Critical Information Assets (Level 300)

How does the Microsoft Information Technology (IT) team secure a computing environment that has more than 300,000 network devices in 96 countries? This webcast shows how Microsoft Information Security manages security risks by adhering to the following standards: fast, reliable, protected, and secure by design. Learn how we align the Information Security organization with the security life cycle, translating risk into a coherent plan composed of key strategies and tactics. Then take a deeper ...

Microsoft Webcast: Empower People to Work Better Together with Microsoft Collaboration

Empowering individuals to work better together is critical to your organization's success in today's more connected, globally integrated world. Microsoft technologies help information workers communicate and collaborate across applications and devices by combining servers, services, and end user software. Join this webcast to learn how Microsoft technologies deliver business benefits such as presence awareness, collaborative workspaces, enterprise search, application integration, and more. Pre...

Achieving Excellence in Distribution

An informative web-cast addressing the challenges mid-size companies face in the distribution market. This meeting is not a software demo, but a discussion of real world issues.Click Here to Join Live Meeting Subject: Does Technology Matter Meeting URL: https://www.livemeeting.com/cc/microsoft/join Meeting ID: 4QPDGK Meeting Key: 8HQJNF Role: AttendeeFirst-time users: Click here to install the Windows-based Meeting Console before your meeting....

TechNet Webcast: Best Practices for Designing the Active Directory Structure (Level 200)

Learn about the less common Microsoft Active Directory implementations such as multiple forests connected by trusts, organizational domain structures, and site design. This webcast examines scenarios in which these more complex designs might be appropriate. We explain how to plan effectively and what pitfalls to avoid. We also offer recommendations that can help make your complex deployments successful and cost-effective.Presenter: Chris Henley, IT Evangelist, Microsoft CorporationChris Henley ...

TechNet Webcast: Antivirus and Antispam Managed Services: When and How to Outsource E-mail Hygiene (Level 200)

Touted by many as a key component for the future of e-mail security, outsourced messaging protection has become the solution of choice for a number of informed information technology (IT) administrators and service providers. This webcast presents how outsourced e-mail security services provide enterprise antispam and antivirus protection and detail the benefits of such services in terms of cost, efficiency, security, policy enablement, and archiving. We also provide a checklist of considerat...

TechNet Webcast: Troubleshooting and Debugging the Branch Office Technologies in Windows Server 2003 R2 (Level 300)

Tune into this webcast to learn how to identify and fix problems with the branch office technologies in Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2. These technologies include distributed file system (DFS) namespaces, DFS replication, DFS management tools, DFS diagnostics tools, and the Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Management Pack. You will gain a strong working knowledge of troubleshooting tools and learn how to apply them to different problems. This webcast provides you with the essential knowledge...

TechNet Webcast: Information About Microsoft January Security Bulletins (Level 200)

On January 10, 2005, Microsoft releases its monthly security bulletins. Join us for a brief overview of the technical details of the January security bulletins. The intent of this webcast is to address your concerns. Therefore, most of our time is devoted to giving you the opportunity to ask questions about the bulletins and get answers from our security experts. Presenter: Christopher Budd, CISA, CISM, CISSP, ISSMP Security Program Manager, PSS Security, Microsoft Corporation and Stephe...

TechNet Webcast: Connecting Windows Workflow Foundations to Lotus Notes/Lotus Domino (Level 400)

Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundations is an exciting new technology from Microsoft. IBM Lotus Notes/IBM Lotus Domino has been building on the concept of workflow for a long time. Luckily, both systems have standard interfaces that allow them to interoperate. This webcast shows you how to connect a Windows Workflow Foundation workflow with a Lotus Notes/Lotus Domino workflow, including a look at the code that makes the connection.Presenters: Marc Mercuri, Architect Evangelist, Microsoft Corpora...

TechNet Webcast: Deploying Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services (Level 300)

Learn how you can successfully design and deploy Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services (RMS) to help protect sensitive information across your organization. This webcast covers a range of topics related to RMS deployment and maintenance, including capacity planning, designing for high availability and performance, backup and recovery, and deployment best practices.Presenter: Jen Field, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation Jen Field is a senior product manager for Rights Manag...

TechNet Webcast: Integrating Your SharePoint Technologies with Project Server 2003 (Level 200)

Explore the integration of Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 and Microsoft SharePoint technologies. This webcast focuses on the best practices for Project Server 2003 design and deployment, coexistence strategies with Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003, and the pros and cons of different design choices. We provide several different overviews on effectively sharing project information, indexing and searching options, and Project Web Access interf...

TechNet Webcast: Implementing Exchange Server 2003 Security (Part 1 of 2): Securing Services and Messaging Protocols (Level 200)

Securing communication over networks is essential to securing your organization from intrusions, overloads, and interruptions of many types. In this first webcast of a two-part series on Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 security, we describe how to deploy a more secure Exchange 2003 infrastructure and how to secure its server services and messaging protocols.Presenter: Kevin Remde, TechNet Presenter, Microsoft CorporationKevin Remde has 15 years of information technology (IT) experience working...

TechNet Webcast: Integrating Microsoft Products with Web Services in Lotus Domino 7 (Level 300)

IBM Lotus Domino 7 now includes Web services that provide a native way to create and host a Web service on a Domino server. This webcast explains how you can write a LotusScript Web service and call it from Microsoft Visual Studio .NET by using a few lines of code that you wrote in Microsoft Visual Basic .NET. If you are interested in simple steps that you can take to make your IBM Lotus Notes applications more powerful, join this webcast. Presenter: Gary Devendorf, Technical Evangelist, Mic...

TechNet Webcast: How Microsoft IT Implements Exchange 2003 Anti-Spam Technologies (Level 300)

Wouldn't we all like to improve how we manage spam? This webcast presents how Microsoft does just that, providing an overview of anti-spam technology in Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 with Service Pack 2 (SP2) and how the Microsoft Information Technology (IT) department uses these technologies to help control spam. The webcast also provides a complete overview of the anti-spam technologies available in SP2 and explains how the department implements them. Join us to learn best practices, tips, a...

TechNet Webcast: Data Consolidation with the Windows Storage Server 2003 R2 Feature Pack (Level 300)

Would you like to reclaim the underutilized disk space that your company is probably spending thousands of dollars to maintain? Find out how you can create a highly reliable and available storage environment and migrate to it using the Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2003 R2 feature pack. This webcast explains the key features of Windows Storage Server 2003 R2, such as the Single Instance Storage service, remote differential compression, and the replication and branch office technologies. Pre...

Microsoft Webcast: Manage Information Overload with Integrated Communications

E-mail, instant messaging, voice mail, and mobile connectivity can benefit your business by offering information workers a wide array of channels for communication and collaboration. On the other hand, these tools can defeat their very purpose by distracting and deluging individuals with too much information. Collaboration technologies such as Microsoft Office Live Communication Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Microsoft Office Live Meeting ensure that users stay in control of their time ...

TechNet Webcast: Active Directory Management Pack for Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 (Level 200)

In this webcast, we explore the features and capabilities of the Microsoft Active Directory Management Pack for Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005. This management pack monitors events that are placed in the Application, System, and Directory Service event logs by various Active Directory components and subsystems. It also monitors the overall health of Active Directory and alerts you to critical performance issues. Learn how the Active Directory Management Pack for MOM 2005 can provide yo...

TechNet Webcast: Security Considerations When Upgrading to SQL Server 2005 (Level 200)

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 offers improved capabilities to secure the database, but there are still other things to consider when upgrading. From a security perspective, this webcast prepares you to upgrade from a previous version of Microsoft SQL Server to Microsoft SQL Server 2005. This webcast covers configuration option changes, surface area controls, and feature enhancements. Take advantage of the new capabilities in SQL Server 2005 by learning about the other steps you can take to furthe...

TechNet Webcast: Exchange 2003 Performance Tuning Tips and Techniques (Level 300)

Are you getting the best performance you can from Microsoft Exchange Server 2003? In this webcast, learn helpful performance tuning tips and techniques for Exchange Server 2003. We begin with a look at the tools available for monitoring Exchange performance. We then provide best practices, registry tweaks, and performance monitoring techniques based on extensive, real-world experiences with Exchange 2003.Presenter: Michael J. Murphy, TechNet Presenter, Microsoft CorporationMichael Murphy joined...

Performance counters and tracing capabilities in Microsoft ADO.NET 2.0 - Level 200

ADO.NET 2.0 provides new functionality to help developers troubleshoot problems in their applications. This webcast will discuss the updated performance counters and the tracing capabilities that are built in to ADO.NET 2.0. Brian Nash is a Support Escalation Engineer with the SQL Developer Critical Problem Resolution team in Microsoft Developer Support. He has been supporting a variety of Microsoft data access technologies for more than 13 years. Sarah Parra is an Escalation Engineer with t...

TechNet Webcast: Planning and Deploying Systems Management Server 2003 (Level 200)

Planning the deployment of your Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 environment is an important step towards ensuring that your installation is successful and stable. In this webcast, we offer best practices for deployment and look at various tools that are available to assist you with your SMS 2003 installation.Presenter: John Baker, TechNet Presenter, Microsoft CorporationJohn Baker started in Microsoft Consulting Services as an infrastructure consultant, and most recently was a pr...

TechNet Webcast: An In-Depth Analysis of Self-Managing Dynamic Systems (Level 200)

Self-managing dynamic systems are information technology (IT) infrastructures that abstract, or virtualize, computing resources to help IT professionals deploy business services more nimbly and respond quickly to business requirements. Self-managing dynamic systems can have a powerful effect on how you approach your business. This webcast provides an in-depth analysis of self-managing dynamic systems. Learn how to create highly available, highly reliable server operations by combining key manag...

TechNet Webcast: Using Third-Party Tools to Migrate Notes Databases to the Microsoft Collaboration Platform (Level 200)

Learn how you can migrate your Lotus Notes databases to the Microsoft collaboration platform, based on Microsoft SharePoint products and technologies, quickly and easily. This webcast introduces and demonstrates several tools offered by third-party providers that facilitate the migration from Lotus Notes to the collaboration platform from Microsoft. Presenter: Gary Devendorf, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft CorporationAs a technical evangelist for Microsoft's collaboration products, Gary Deven...

TechNet Webcast: Migrating File Replication Service Replica Sets to Distributed File System Replication (Level 200)

This webcast walks you through the essential steps in the process of migrating from the File Replication service (FRS) to the new Distributed File System (DFS) Replication service available in Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2. We begin by showing you how to identify which FRS replica sets to migrate and how to collect FRS configuration settings. Next, learn how to delete the old FRS replica set configuration and the associated FRS system folders. Then learn how to clean up Microsoft Active Dire...

Server sizing recommendations for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - Level 300

This webcast is designed to discuss server sizing recommendations for SQL Server 2005. Brian Welcker is Group Program Manager for SQL Server Reporting Services, part of the SQL Server product group. His team is focused on delivering the premier managed and ad-hoc enterprise reporting platform as part of SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 as well as delivering developer reporting components for Visual Studio 2005. Previously, Brian was the lead program manager for SQL Server Meta Data Services...

TechNet Webcast: Understanding the Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server Architecture (Level 100)

Because they share the same underlying technologies, Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 is able to work with and build upon the architecture of Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services. This webcast focuses on the architectural features of SharePoint Portal Server, including a look at the architecture of services particular to SharePoint Portal Server. We also highlight key decision areas you must address during the design and planning phases of your own SharePoint-based solution. Pre...

TechNet Webcast: Exchange Best Practice Analyzer (ExBPA) (Level 200)

The Microsoft Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer Tool (ExBPA) is an automated health check and troubleshooting tool. ExBPA collects configuration settings and performs network and protocol tests in an Exchange topology. Join this webcast to learn about the new version of the tool that was released in March, 2005. We discuss enhancements such as scheduling and baseline support. See how to use ExBPA with Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005. At the end of the presentation, we talk about f...

TechNet Webcast: Troubleshooting Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 (Level 200)

Troubleshooting Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 installations can be difficult unless you know where to look and what to look for. This webcast describes some of the common problems with SMS 2003 environments and illustrates straightforward solutions with practical demonstrations. We cover common problems and solutions, including those related to installing SMS management points and advanced clients, communication between the components in your SMS hierarchy, management point sec...

TechNet Webcast: Upgrading to SQL Server 2005 (Level 200)

Get the knowledge you need to upgrade Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 or SQL Server 2000 to the recently released SQL Server 2005. This webcast introduces you to the tools and processes you need for a smooth transition. We explain Upgrade Advisor, a tool for planning and preparation, and two different upgrade strategies: The migration strategy involves installing SQL Server 2005 on a new server and then migrating data. The in-place strategy involves upgrading your existing installation. This webcast c...

TechNet Webcast: Implementing Exchange Server 2003 Security (Part 2 of 2): Protecting Against Unwanted E-Mail (Level 200)

This second webcast in a two-part series on Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 security describes how to increase the security of e-mail that flows through an organization's Exchange servers. We also introduce you to Exchange 2003 features such as Real Time Block List support and Intelligent Message Filtering, tools that make it easier to reduce the amount of unwanted e-mail before it spreads through your organization.Presenter: Kevin Remde, TechNet Presenter, Microsoft CorporationKevin Remde has...

TechNet Webcast: How Microsoft IT Runs SAP on SQL Server 2005 (Level 300)

This webcast describes how the Enterprise Application Services (EAS) team in the Microsoft Information Technology (IT) department utilizes the new database mirroring and online indexing features in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 to dramatically increase the availability of Service Advertising Protocol (SAP) R/3 at Microsoft. Additionally, by using the 64-bit version of SQL Server 2005 with commodity 64-bit hardware, EAS was able to lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) while increasing performance...

TechNet Webcast: Implementing Lean Value Streams Using Visual Workbooks (Level 100)

A lean transformation requires a common understanding of opportunities, metrics, and action plans. The preferred approach is to plan the work using value stream maps, and then work the plan using visual workbooks linked to the maps. The previous webcast, "Visualize, Analyze and Manage a Lean Transformation Using Value Stream Maps", demonstrated how to plan the work by developing and analyzing value stream maps. This companion webcast focuses on visually working the plan using simple visual work...

Microsoft Webcast: Cost-Effective and Flexible Team Collaboration Solutions

Effective teamwork is critical to the success of your business in areas like product development, human resources, and customer relationship management (CRM). However, keeping team members on the same page across time and distance can be a costly challenge. Team collaboration technologies like Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Groove Virtual Office meet that challenge by providing a range of flexible, cost-effective solutions. For example, individuals in your organization can ...

Southern California Rights Management Services for Professional Services Webcast

Join us on Tuesday, January 24, 2006 at 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time for a live demonstration of how Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services (RMS) and Liquid Machines can help your firm establish strong controls on regulated and confidential information such as client data, contracts, personnel information, or other sensitive material. Liquid Machines extends the Windows RMS platform to provide support for applications beyond Office 2003, including Adobe Acrobat, and automatically protects ...

TechNet Webcast: Exchange Server 2003 Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts (Level 200)

Your organization is running Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, and it is stable. What can you do to improve your Exchange operations, customize them, and optimize them to better meet the requirements of your organization? This webcast provides tips on how to customize system messages, address lists, and Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access. We also explain how to control which versions of Microsoft Outlook are allowed to connect to the Exchange server, how to use Mailbox Manager, and how to create...

TechNet Webcast: Best Practices for Security Update Management with Systems Management Server 2003 (Level 200)

Join this webcast to learn about the best practices you should consider when you develop an update management solution using Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003. Get detailed recommendations for all parts of a software update solution, including the setup stage and the software update cycle. We provide specific guidance on updating desktop, mobile, and server computers. We also discuss using the Dell inventory tool to update Dell servers.Presenter: Bryan Von Axelson, TechNet Presenter, ...

TechNet Webcast: Using Visio Shortcuts to Increase Your Productivity (Level 200)

This webcast introduces the power of Microsoft Office Visio 2003 and provides shortcuts and best practice techniques to help you quickly visualize, diagram, and document your business concepts. Learn tips on how to connect, align, and group Visio SmartShapes, discover effective ways to use background pages and color schemes, work with SmartShape text fields, and manipulate shape text. We also cover page setup, printing, and sharing Visio diagrams in Web pages.Presenter: Daniel Rohwer, Director ...

TechNet Webcast: Defense in Depth: Sybari Antigen Solutions for E-Mail Hygiene (Level 200)

Now that 50% of all e-mail is spam and 85% of viruses use e-mail to propagate, comprehensive e-mail protection is critical for overall network integrity. This webcast presents defense-in-depth to strengthen e-mail—and thereby overall network—security. We describe the protection that Sybari Antigen Solutions offers from viruses, worms, and spam. We also discuss content protection technologies that you can combine to eliminate single points of failure and reduce the window of vulnerability for ...

Microsoft Webcast: Adding Resilience to Structured Workflow with People-Oriented Processes

The effectiveness of information workers in structured, customer service roles is often constrained by limited or complicated line-of-business (LOB) applications. Tune in to this webcast to learn how you can unlock the value of these individuals using collaboration solutions like Microsoft BizTalk Server and Microsoft InfoPath, which bring LOB application data into a more user friendly context. Learn how users can define and deploy electronic forms to support their structured workflow. Join us ...

TechNet Webcast: Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 for Exchange Deployments (Level 200)

In this webcast, we explore the Microsoft Exchange 2003 Management Pack for Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005 and show how it can help your organization proactively identify problems. We discuss the monitoring capabilities provided by this management pack and demonstrate how they can help you to identify problems and quickly solve them. We also examine the reporting capabilities provided by this management pack and explain how they can help you avoid problems.Presenter: Keith Combs, TechN...

TechNet Webcast: Implementing Messaging Security for Exchange Clients (Level 200)

To ensure that e-mail messages can be read only by the intended recipients, it is as important to provide security for the clients of Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 as it is to secure the server itself. This webcast describes solutions such as using Microsoft Exchange Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Service Extensions (S/MIME) and information rights management to protect e-mail content. We also discuss using remote procedure call (RPC) over Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) to help secure ...

TechNet Webcast: Managing and Administering SQL Server 2005 (Level 200)

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 offers some new features for database administrators and information technology (IT) professionals. Join this webcast to learn about new administration tools, including SQL Management Studio; SQLCMD, the new command-line utility (and its GUI equivalent in SQL Management Studio); and SQLiMail, the new Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)-based replacement for SQLMail. We look at SQL Server Express 2005, a "light" version of SQL Server 2005 that replaces the Microsoft De...

TechNet Webcast: How Microsoft Delivers Self-Service Identity and Access Management Solutions (Level 300)

Learn how the Microsoft information technology (IT) department uses Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS) 2003 to empower end users with a self-service identity and access management solution. The solution creates a personalized e-mail address, is user friendly, and provides flexibility for regional naming preferences. At the same time, the solution is robust, spans complexities, and enforces compliance with defined conventions for naming accounts. Join this webcast for an exclusive look...

TechNet Webcast: Enabling Secure Remote Access to Exchange Server 2003 (Level 200)

As operations become increasingly decentralized and working practices evolve to better suit market demographics, the need for efficient remote access has become increasingly prevalent. In this webcast, we outline best practices for securing Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 to ensure that network management, policy, and security are not compromised by remote e-mail access. The discussion covers a wide range of topics, such as faster Exchange publishing, more secure remote access, e-mail hygiene ...

TechNet Webcast: SQL Server 2005 Makes Extensive Use of Tempdb (Level 200)

Are you a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 user or administrator who wants to make better use of tempdb? This webcast is designed to prepare you to properly manage tempdb in SQL Server 2005. It discusses the purpose of tempdb and provides an overview of the design of tempdb including details of the objects in the tempdb database. This session also explains tempdb usage in SQL Server 2005 including new features that explicitly influence space usage and system performance, and provides guidance for moni...

Microsoft Webcast: Increasing Access to People and Information with Microsoft Collaboration Technologies

Chances are, individuals in your organization waste time searching for the information they need to do their jobs. Much of this information is locked away on hard drives, in databases, or in the minds of colleagues. Collaboration technologies such as Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server and Microsoft Office Live Communications Server can benefit your business by unblocking these clogged information arteries. Join this web cast to learn how features and functionality such as enterprise search, app...

TechNet Webcast: Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape Backup and Recovery with System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) and Quantum (Level 200)

As information technology (IT) infrastructures continue to grow, it becomes more difficult to implement a reliable, timely backup and recovery system. Join this webcast to learn how Microsoft is partnering with Quantum to deliver the DPM5500, an appliance based on Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) that is an integrated disk-to-disk-to-tape backup and recovery solution. The DPM5500 extends the traditional client/server backup paradigm by offering freedom to recover data regar...

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